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Site Selection and Location Strategy

Make better location decisions with a holistic approach that weighs factors like labor costs and availability, supply chain logistics, and state and local incentives.

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Your location has strategic importance and significant implications for operational success. Our experts deliver customised, creative outcomes for organisations—the kind of positive returns that only a well-developed location strategy can provide. We help you determine essential locations using transparent and predictive data analytics that deliver competitive advantage and maximise operational savings and incentives. 


Whether the requirement is for a single new site as the business expands or reviewing regional or global operations to:

  • Maximise access to talent
  • Reduce costs
  • Enter new markets
  • Provide the location platform to Implement digital transformation

We combine experience with market leading data analytics to deliver independent, robust, objective advice to make sure your business is in the right place.

Value Delivered

  • Identifying the best locations to access talent, not the obvious ones
  • Delivering labour cost savings of 20-30% (within country) or 50-70% through nearshoring of offshoring
  • Providing independent, objective advice and a decision framework that gives a rationale for locations being selected or rejected


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